Score the Game

Any fan at the game can operate the scoreboard using the app. Easy to use and free to download. Premium scoreboards run your local sponsors' messages and raise money for your league.


Fans can follow the game on their smartphone or control the scoreboard. The scoreboard displays a code and allows a fan to become the official scorer. Never have a game without the scoreboard in action.


When you purchase a scoreboard package, your sponsors' videos and pictures automatically play between innings. Instead of wasting $5000 on a static scoreboard, your scoreboard can pay for itself.


Our scoreboard packages include a 75" LED TV, an AppleTV, and a weatherproof enclosure to protect your investment. Packages also include 2 years of sponsor video loading and yearly renewal is just $99/year after that.

Use any TV with an AppleTV

Any TV can become a baseball scoreboard when connected to an AppleTV (4th generation).  The AppleTV runs the ScoreboardTV app which creates a scoreboard on the tv.  Your scorekeeper, a parent, or a selected fan can control the scoreboard using the SBTV Remote app on their smartphone.

Scoreboard TV Demo.

Showing a TV running ScoreboardTV. The remote app is running on an iPhone X

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